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How Going To School Could Give These Girls A Better Life

February 20, 2023 Educate Girls
How Going To School Could Give These Girls A Better Life

Girls who get to go to school, generally tend to have a better prospects at life, as compared to those who don’t. Here are just some ways in which a proper education can help girls lead a better life:

  • As per a report by the United Nations, more than 1.5 million girls are forced into marriage before they turn 18, even though the legal age is that. This is often the result of extreme poverty – most poor parents are of the opinion that once the girl is married and sent off, it is one stomach less to fill. They also feel that by educating the boys of the family, there is a better chance of life, because they will be the eventual breadwinners of the house. 

With more and more government schools offering mid-day meals, by going to school, girls will not only get themselves a proper education, but also a proper meal, each day. Moreover, several schools are now offering assistance in terms of books and school supplies, further lessening the burden on parents. 

  • Even though India has become a lot more modern, there are still villages, where a private or enclosed toilet is considered a luxury. Girls often have to walk several kilometres to access a public toilet or often defecate/urinate in open fields or such similar places. This leads to several health and hygiene related problems for them. 

In the past few years, there has been a conscious effort by not only the government, but also several NGOs to make toilets accessible to every individual. Innumerable schools have now built proper toilets, giving girls a freedom that might be considered as one of the unimportant or even frivolous reasons to support girls’ education. When girls are able to relieve themselves with awkwardness or discomfort, they will want to come to school every day! 

  • For several girls, the most difficult time of the month, is when they are menstruating; what makes it all the more tough is the fact that girls from financially challenged backgrounds, often don’t have access to proper sanitary products such as pads. Given that they often have to use old cloths, rags and even leaves, it can lead to and cause several medical problems, including infections and severe rashes. 

Several schools in India have now started providing sanitary pads on a monthly basis to girls, ensuring their health and a better understanding of hygiene. Along with the sanitary products, the girls are also given a better understanding of how and why they need to take care of their health, during the menstruation. This is knowledge and information that they will be able to disperse to others as well. This yet again, is another reason why girls’ education is important, because when they are educated, they will be able to share the knowledge. 

  • Without a proper education, the future prospects for any girl are normally bleak – because they are not educated, they will either be married off at an early stage or they will be forced to take on jobs that don’t require a proper qualification. Many such girls end up as domestic helps or other such jobs. This also means that their chances of making a good income are on the lower side. 

When organisations like Educate Girls decide to help girls for better education, they are also allowing them to assure themselves a certain amount of financial independence. With a proper education, they will have more professional avenues opening up for them, giving them to chance to earn a better living. In addition to that, they might also get the know-how to start a business venture of their own, making them not only entrepreneurs but also employers. Its not just as at Educate Girls who have understood the importance of girl child education – there are many others like who us, who are strong believers in the fact that girls, with a proper education, will not only be strong contributors to the society, but also help in nation building. If you too are of the same thinking, come join hands with us or donate to the cause today!

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Posted on February 20, 2023

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