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Resilience Amidst Adversity: Anjan’s Journey with Educate Girls’ Pragati

June 4, 2024 Educate Girls
Resilience Amidst Adversity: Anjan’s Journey with Educate Girls’ Pragati

Anjan*, a 17-year-old adolescent girl from Baran, Rajasthan, hails from a middle-class family. Her father, involved in providing music and sound services for marriage parties, had a habit of drinking. However, his drinking habits were within limits that didn’t initially disrupt their lives. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2019, it severely impacted their family’s financial stability. It exacerbated her father’s drinking habits, leading to frequent domestic disputes and a complete loss of peace in their household.

During this tumultuous period, Anjan was in 9th grade. She found it increasingly challenging to focus on her studies amidst the constant turmoil at home. Eventually, the financial strain and domestic conflicts forced her to abandon her schooling, dashing her hopes and dreams for the future.

Fortunately, Anjan’s mother played a pivotal role in helping her daughter navigate through these difficult circumstances. Drawing on her expertise in classical dance, she began teaching Anjan the art form, which provided solace and a newfound passion for the young girl, aiding her recovery from the trauma she experienced.

A turning point came when Rajkumari, a Pragati Prerak, visited their home.  Aware of Anjan’s financial struggles, she introduced Anjan to the opportunities the RSOS (Rajasthan State Open School) provided, which links her to education without causing any financial burden. With Rajkumari’s guidance and assistance in completing the necessary paperwork, Anjan enrolled in the 10th standard through the open school system.

Determined to turn her life around, Anjan diligently attends her Pragati camp, never missing a day, and strives to excel academically, aiming to pass her 10th standard with flying colours to support her family. Though the family has yet to recover from the pandemic’s aftermath fully and domestic tensions persist, Anjan’s pursuit of education through RSOS alleviates financial burdens, earning her family’s support.

Anjan extends her gratitude to her supportive Prerak and Educate Girls’ Pragati for giving girls like her opportunities to have a second chance despite facing numerous challenges. Her message to fellow adolescents is one of resilience and determination: “Never lose hope. Embrace second chances and prove yourself.”

*name changed to protect identity

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Posted on June 4, 2024

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