Kajal’s dream of independence changed her village for the better - Educate Girls

Kajal’s dream of independence changed her village for the better

December 22, 2023 Educate Girls
<strong>Kajal’s dream of independence changed her village for the better</strong>

The remote village of Singari in Pali district, suffers from severe resource scarcity. Before Kajal’s intervention, the absence of shops in Singari forced residents to walk for kilometers to obtain daily necessities. However, Kajal took it upon herself to address this problem by opening a small grocery shop, providing essentials like tea, sugar, rice, lentils, and pens and copies. Her shop spared the villagers from gruelling journeys under the scorching sun, leaving them grateful for her efforts.

Living with her parents and three brothers, Kajal’s family adhered to traditional practices. In 2019, Kajal attempted her 10th-grade exams but faced setbacks in two subjects, leading her to lose hope in continuing her studies. In 2022, Educate Girls came across Kajal and convinced her to join the Project Pragati camp to help her pass the 10th grade exams. With motivation from Pragati PrerakFarzana, Kajal filled out the form again and attended daily sessions on maths, language, and life skills. After a year of hard work, she passed her 10th-grade exams, bringing joy to her family and the community.

Her success inspired around 10-15 girls who had dropped out after failing the 9th grade to enrol for the 10th grade exams. Kajal’s shop and achievements became emblematic of change, encouraging others to aspire for a better future.

Despite getting married, Kajal’s education remained a priority. Her parents supported her dreams by expanding her shop with a government loan of 50,000 rupees. They also expressed their desire to educate her up to the 12th grade. Kajal’s determination to succeed further motivated the community, leading to organic and community-owned changes in the village.

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Posted on December 22, 2023

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