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A change beginning at home can change the world

June 4, 2024 Educate Girls
<strong>A change beginning at home can change the world</strong>

Arvind Parihar’s journey began in a small village in the Pali district. Despite the challenges and limitations of his rural surroundings, Arvind’s determination and passion led to remarkable success in empowering girls through education.

In his remote village, where access to quality education was a distant dream, Arvind took the initiative to address the issue. Arvind refused to accept the status quo of having only a primary school in the village and limited options for higher education and proceeded on a mission to bring change.

A turning point in this journey was when he discovered the possibility of distance learning through the Rajasthan State Open School. Arvind’s first success came when he enrolled his sister in the State Open School and supported her in studying for secondary education from the comfort of their home. Witnessing her successful completion of the program and subsequent employment as an assistant in the Anganwadi filled Arvind with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

His next step was meeting with Farzana, a Pragati Prerak who introduced him to Educate Girls’ Pragati camps. Already aligned with the same mission, Arvind became actively involved in enrolling girls and providing them with the necessary support to excel in their studies.

All thanks to Arvind’s dedication, many girls who had been away from studies for a long time also found their way back to education. Most of the girls were engaged in household and farming activities. Still, with the cooperation of the village’s government school, the village council, and other villagers, Arvind motivated them to reconnect with education.

Now, he conducts camps every day and helps these girls with their studies. His only dream is to get these girls to pass their tenth-grade exams, after which their educational status in society can be strengthened, and they can receive further opportunities.

Arvind’s efforts have yielded remarkable results. With his guidance and support, numerous girls have completed their secondary education, paving the way for brighter futures. His tireless advocacy and collaboration with the community have empowered individual girls and sparked a broader movement for change. This year, 80% of the girls attending Pragati camp passed 10th Grade examinations.

Arvind is immensely proud of the work that he is doing. Along with providing education to the girls of his village, Arvind also regularly pursues his studies.

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Posted on June 4, 2024

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