This is Prachi, an 8-year old girl living in rural India.

Prachi has never been to school.

Her community thought her time was best invested in doing household chores, fetching water and taking care of her siblings and cattle.

Prachi's story is not unique.

Girls like Prachi most likely end up as child brides and adolescent mothers, viewed as an economic burden, destined to a life of domesticity.

Now, meet Divya.

She is an Educate Girls' community volunteer (called 'Team Balika') who identified Prachi as an out-of-school girl during a door-to-door survey.

Divya starts to regularly meet Prachi's parents, reasoning with them and addressing their concerns.

But that's not enough.

So Divya rallies together the community, school staff and other influencers by setting up village meetings to influence the entire community's mindset towards girls' education.

Divya's efforts pay off and Prachi is in school!

Divya continues to support Prachi by helping enhance her learning outcomes and supports the School Management Committee in preparing school improvement plans - thereby reducing drop-out rates.

'With support from the Government, the community and 13,000+ volunteers like Divya, Educate Girls has enrolled over 380,000 out-of-school girls since inception.

Research suggests that a good quality education for girls can result in benefits like: reduced child marriages, having fewer and healthier children, earning more income, sending their own children to school and playing a more active role in leading their communities.


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