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Educating a Girl can have Multifold Impact!

  • 14% reduction in child marriage
  • 2.2 times less likely to be HIV+
  • Contribute to global economic growth
  • Reduce class and income inequalities
  • Be more empowered
  • 50% more likely to immunize her children
  • 2x more likely to educate her children
  • Reverse climate change
  • Earn 10-20% more income

For further information about Educate Girls’ work and the impact we achieve, have a glimpse at our latest Annual report or read one of our beneficiary stories.
Educate Girls partners with several corporates, foundations and venture philanthropists. These valuable partnerships help the organization maintain its program implementation, strengthening organizational capacities, and upholding high-quality standards. Interested corporations, CSR foundations or other institutions can contact to obtain more details about funding/partnership opportunities.

Impact Since Inception

750,000+ Girls Enrolled

26,000 Schools

1.3 million+ Students with Improved Learning Outcomes

18,000+ Villages

Here's how we invest
your donation

Program costs cover girls enrollment and retention in school learning improvement activities life skill training and impact assessment.

Operational costs include overheads like rent, electricity, maintenance,development etc.

Capex refers to fixed assets like furniture and fixtures, computers and peripherals, office equipment etc.